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In 6 Months You Can Become...

A Life Coach

If you are drawn to life coaching, you are likely someone who people already come to for help and advice. Or you've learned some hard life lessons and you want to help people navigate the path more smoothly. Or maybe you are just good at seeing where people are making mistakes in their lives and you want to learn how to help them find their way. In our program you will hone your helping skills by learning to ask better questions, listen more deeply, and partner with clients to support them on their journey towards the life of their dreams.

An Intuitive Healer

As an intuitive and empathetic person, you can probably already feel the pain of others. Our training can help you focus and amplify your innate gifts. As a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, you will be able to help people go deep to discover what is truly holding them back, and provide them with the safe and supportive space they need to embark on their healing journey.

A Conduit of Change

It can be frustrating to see the changes that a person needs to make, but not know how to help them. As a coach you will learn to let go of outcomes, while also creating the healing space clients need in order to face limiting beliefs, internal blocks, and lifelong fears in order to effect real change.

A Certified Professional

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the highest professional coaching certification board. Since the Intuitive Life Coaching Academy of the Third Eye is an ICF accredited program, training with us means that you will receive the highest quality education and professional standards. Upon completion of our program, you will also be able to apply to become an ICF accredited coach yourself.

A Successful Entrepreneur

No matter how skilled of a coach you become, running your own successful business is a whole other thing. Your success matters to us. In order to ensure you have a good start, we offer additional business education and support for our students and graduates. We also offer a number of opportunities, such as mentor coaching and facilitating paid group coaching, for you to begin your coaching career with us. You can also be featured on our website in our graduates database, so members of our community can find you.

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What Does ILCATE Have to Offer You?

Discover life-changing programs that will deeply transform the way you live and serve others. Whether you’re new to coaching, looking to grow an existing practice, or expanding your knowledge and skills as an intuitive life coach, the Intuitive Life Coaching Academy of the Third Eye has something for you.

Intuitive Life Coach Certification

Our 6 month ICF accredited program combines the tools and techniques necessary to be an exceptional life coach with intuition and intuitive development. This allows our coaches to do profound and deep work with clients and support them to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

Holistic Education

We offer a variety of courses on intuitive development, coaching skills and practices, and business. These courses are great for anyone interested in learning about a specific topic, and for students and graduates of our certification course interested in continuing their education and delving deeper into these topics.

Life Coaching

Experience the transformational effects of intuitive life coaching for yourself! We offer a variety of individual and group coaching options. You can also explore our database of graduates to find the best match for you.

Healing the body is not always enough.

Intuitive Life Coaching offers emotional and mental support to heal the mind and the spirit...

Which is the only way to create lasting profound change.

Our Academy is an ICF-accredited program, and combines exceptional life coaching education with the tools, skillsets, and practice experience required to take your private practice or client services to the next level.

With an Internationally Recognized Coaching Certification, you'll be able to launch your own private coaching business to cater to any industry, from anywhere in the world. If you have an existing business or group to lead, then the practices learned in our academy will take all of your relationships to new heights.

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If you want to work with clients on a deeper level, then this is the program for you. When you develop and improve your intuitive skills, you can teach and use the same healing practices with your clients, students, or staff and help them in their personal lives.

The next class begins on FEBRUARY 3d

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“The Intuitive Academy of The Third Eye gave me the tools, modalities, training and expertise to confidently move forward and step into my purpose as an Intuitive Life Coach. Their curriculum, hands on approach, case studies, real life application and experience has been priceless and I am so glad I went with this academy to get my certification in. Highly recommend to anyone exploring the possibility of becoming a Life Coach. You will be transformed in the best way!”

-Demetria V

“My experience at Intuitive Life Coaching Academy of the Third Eye was revolutionary. The teaching is extremely high level and the work is very challenging. It is also very rewarding, because it delves deeply into coaching in general and the intuitive aspects of coaching specifically. I feel I received phenomenal tutelage in the fundamental aspects of coaching and also learned to use my intuition reliably and in difficult situations. The combination of the two is amazing and has changed my life.”

-Dan A.

Learn and practice 3 methods crucial to your success

Intentional Coaching

to set thing in motion that create the new desired reality

Intuitive Coaching

to use your intuition to create openness, intimacy, and boundaries with your clients

Inspirational Coaching

to inspire your clients to act on their goals and dreams

The program is a compilation of different approaches.

You will go through practical exercises with real people in a group, join individual sessions with course leaders, and find your unique coaching voice and style.

Every session is tailored to the audience.

It’s a synergy of intuition and life coaching that works so amazingly for empaths, healers and intuitives!

You will learn how to heal the mind and the soul - the things often missing in traditional practice.

What you get at the Academy

Discover life-changing programs that will deeply transform the way you live and serve others. Whether you’re new to coaching, looking to grow an existing practice, or expanding your knowledge and skills as an intuitive life coach, the Intuitive Life Coaching Academy has something for you.

Purpose. Passion. Profit.

ICF-Accredited Program

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has accredited the Intuitive Life Coaching Academy due to our quality coaching education. We are recognized as an ACTP, Accredited Coach Training Program.

Hybrid Learning Options

Learn with us in person, or join from your wi-fi no matter where in the world you are. Our program is designed with a flexible schedule to support a positive experience across different time zones.

Mentor Coaches

Our facilitators and mentor coaches are all professional certified intuitive life coaches themselves so we can guide you from a place of knowledge, skill and experience.

Start Coaching Right Away

You won’t have to wait until you graduate to get started. Our students start putting their new skills and knowledge into practice right away, with peer coaching practicum and mentor coaching feedback.

Growing Alumni Community

One thing we are most proud of is to see our graduates still stay connected even after the program. Our alumni group continues to support one another.

Business Support

We recognize that learning how to coach is just part of the equation. We also provide our graduates with access to business coaching and resources to start or grow their life coaching practice.

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Our Program Curriculum

The 143 hours in our program will be focused on these curriculum areas, including weekly lessons, peer coaching practicums, personal mentor coaching, and 24/7 access to a private student group to help you apply what you are learning.

Coaching Fundamentals

Learn the history and what it means to be a coach, as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We’ll dive into the ICF core competencies and frameworks to support meaningful outcomes towards a client’s overarching goals.

Coaching skills and processes

By using techniques such as deep, active listening and asking empowering questions, you will learn how to apply your new coaching skills in different contexts. Leveraging a toolbox of processes, learn how to adapt your approach for each client as you guide them through the Coaching Agreement, Conversation, and Closing phases of a session.

Coaching for deeper breakthroughs

We all have some form of limiting beliefs and inner blocks. We will spend quite some time going through how to create awareness, identify these blockers, and gain buy-in to help yourself and your clients break through for effective change.

What You Get As a Student

ICF Certification as a Professional Life Coach

6 Months of Live Facilitation & Support

Peer & Mentor Coaching Practicum

Printed Student Guide & Resources

Program Materials in an Online Portal

Monthly Office Hour with our DirectorFull Width

Common Questions

How is Intuitive Life Coaching Different than traditional coaching?

Intuitive life coaching is a method of coaching where you get to know yourself and also get to know your purpose and potential. It is a combination of self-awareness and self-actualization. With this practice you gain confidence and self-belief. If you wish to know more about intuitive life coaching, schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery call today.

Do I need a certification to coach?

Our intuitive life coach certification is one of the best ways to learn how to become a life coach. Coaching is still an unregulated field with many people calling themselves a coach. However, our program is ACTP accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and we uphold our students to the competencies and expectations of a professional certified coach.

What can I expect in the program?

You will be triggered. The transformation will start with yourself. Any pain points, limiting beliefs, “not good enoughs”, and fears you are holding on to will be uncovered. Why? So that you can learn to understand the triggers, and then learn to ‘listen’ intuiti1 Columnvely to what you are feeling, experiencing, and needing to express.

“I was able to learn how to develop my intuitive abilities further. I also learned how to focus my empathic abilities on learning how to coach and help others live their best lives. I feel that I have the tools and skills to be a successful Life Coach.”

— Michelle D.

“Life Coaching is a life-changing experience for both the coach and the client. I have been the happy recipient of its glorious alterations to my life and my thoughts and I have had the honor of seeing reFull Widthal, profound, permanent change in others.”

— Jill Z.

Our Intuitive Life Coach Certification and Business Academy is not just another online course, it’s an experience to make a meaningful living supporting others through personal growth and life transformation.

Learn more about the Academy and our team.

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